Drifter. Down the hole hammers. Rotary drilling. Casing systems. Pilling equipment. Auxiliary equipment.

Drilling rigs for soil sampling, environmental and geotechnical drilling.
SPT-standard penetration test and dynamic boring.

Injection plants electric and pneumatic. Injectors, turbomixers and agitators. Packers.

Drilling rigs for civil engineering, micropiles, anchors, tie backs.

Drill rigs and mast attachments for blasting, anchors, tie backs.

Drill rigs for geothermal drilling.

Pile drills and low head room pile drills, kelly bar and CFA.

Drilling rigs for geotechnical and mineral exploration. Wire line, hollow flight augers.

Drill rigs for medium to deep water well holes.

Hydraulic devices for rod and casing handling.