04. Micropiles


Hydraulic foundation drilling rig, agile and sturdy, suitable for heavy works, with an excellent manoeuvrability thanks to the Fraste articulation system. Hi-tech components and innovative construction techniques make MITO 8 highly reliable and ecient. The powerful engine and the high-performances hydraulic system, allow to obtain exceptional results for its weight class in the execution of
micro piles, tie bars, reinforced columns by jet grouting technique. MITO 8 can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, making it able to operate in any type of rotation drilling or roto-percussion drilling.


  • Hydraulic drifter
  • Winch
  • Wire line winch
  • Triplex pump
  • Foam pump
  • Washing pump
  • Line lubricator
  • Mast extension
  • Hydraulic air valve
  • Interlocking guard
  • High speed rotary head for coring
  • Rotopercussion
  • Double head
  • Jet grouting kit
  • Pulling cylinders
  • Drilling data recorder
  • LED lighting
  • Air pre-filter cyclon engine
  • Screw pump
  • Electronic inclinometer
  • Cable remote control
  • Bit load control system
  • Auxiliary hydraulic external prearrangement
  • Rubber crawler carrier
  • Rubber pads for steel crawler carrier