Sale, service, design and manufacture of drill rigs and tools for civil engineering, geothechnic, water welling and mining

Drill tools

design, manufacturing and supply of rock drilling tools for both drifter and down the hole.

Supplies of drill rigs

for water welling, core drilling, geotechnical drilling, blasting, pilling, micropilling, anchors,

Personal and fixed gas detection systems.

Manufacturing of light weight sampling rigs for

DPSH and SPT test.

After-sale service
Supplies of

grouting equipment grout pumps, mixers, agitators and packers.

Technical support
Start up

TECOP, S.A. focuses its effort on the operator training for maintenance and operation. All training is developed on job site.

Technical support

our experience confirms that the good operation and ordinary maintenance of the rigs is as important as the quick assistance in jobs sites.

After-sales service

Tecopsa got fast and efficient after-sales service. We keep on stock the spares for drill rigs and tools that our experience confirmed are of frequent use and wear.


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